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SKYPAD Pre-Market Checklist

We know market can be stressful. That's why we created the below checklist with the help our SKYPAD user community, so that you can go into market feeling confident.

4 Weeks Ahead

Book appointments with owned accounts a week prior to the order cutoff date

Set up a training with the SKYPAD Analyst Squad ( for new team members or if any current team member needs a refresher

For Brands on our Enterprise Application: make sure all assets are uploaded for the most current seasons (i.e. Item Master, On Order, Shipments, ATS, Supplemental files, Images, etc.) so that your team can run comparative reports on all retailers in one place and be prepared to speak to past collection and current collection performance with both internal merchandising team and external buyers.

3 Weeks Ahead

Ensure all team members have access to SKYPAD apps prior to the market prep period (1 – 3 weeks out)

To add an additional user to Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, or Saks Off 5th ($25 per month/user), please fill out Purchase Username form

Ask yourself:

      ☐ Do you have enough information to inform your product assortment suggestion to merchant teams based on trend and distribution strategy?  

      ☐ At each retailer, are you aware of your business growth WTD/MTD/STD/YTD/LTD compared to LY/LLY? Have you asked your buyer how that compares to their total department?

      ☐ Do you know how you could leverage bestsellers to build a markdown-liable replenishment program or exclusive capsule?

      ☐ Do you have images of best and worst sellers for quick reference while building assortments during your appointment?  If not for you, then for your buyer or upper management (who       may join last minute).  

For NMG: Click here to connect with to learn how to access these comparative metrics through NMG Premium reporting.

2 Weeks Ahead

Pull your recaps and review format and content with your team for approval:

  1. Topline by retailer
  2. Channel by retailer
  3. Door by retailer
    Top door-style assortment
  4. Delivery
    Current and LY for selling season you’re about to show
  5. Top 10 style and bottom 10 style
  6. Special initiatives – exclusive capsule reporting, ad style reporting
    Pull 2 week ending dates after style was live for approximate return

Explore adding Daily reporting to your NMG reporting. Click here to connect with if you’d like to quickly fuel trend, are growing a replenishment business, and/or if your business is seasonal/time sensitive. Or if you will be reviewing co-op budget for next year and need to understand last year event activity success.

Ensure password is active.  If not, reset it using this link.

1 Week Ahead

Once recap format is approved, re-pull with most recent week-ending date

For any last minute questions or trainings, please reach out to or

Kick Off Market Week

Ensure password is active.  If not, reset it using this link.

Bring your laptop or tablet to each appointment with the SKYPAD app refreshed and ready

  • SKYPAD can act as a quick aid to answer spontaneous questions or as a visual aid for specific styles
  • Use the app live to troubleshoot any assortment/door proposals based on performance

Contact Directory

Training: Analyst Squad (