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SKYPAD is an Exclusive Partner with Cos Bar

Get quick and easy access to the insights needed to optimize your business

Dive Into Your Data

Cos Bar has exclusively partnered with SKYPAD to distribute sell-through data to their vendor community in our intuitive, cloud-based app.

Automated Data

Access weekly sell-through data on Monday mornings

Intuitive Cloud-Based App

Analyze your data in pre-built and custom reports that suit your needs

Comprehensive Insights

Create impactful reports with our full library of metrics, timeframes, and data filters

Chains included:

Cos Bar

Brick & mortar and e-comm are included

“Being able to access SKYPAD weekly equips our team with the tools necessary to approach business proactively versus reactively, enabling us to maximize opportunity and mitigate potential risks of out-of-stocks.”

Cristina Estrada
VP of Operations

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