Experimental Fashion & Sustainability: Pushing Boundaries

SOURCE: by SKYPAD Contributor
Mar 15, 2023

Experimental fashion is an innovative and avant-garde approach to fashion design that pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion concepts. Coperni and Heliot Emil, are two designers who have been at the forefront of experimental fashion, creating runway shows that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Coperni's recent show used concepts completely new to the runway. The show featured Bella Hadid  getting a sprayed-on dress, while other models and robots shared the runway, featuring possibilities of how fashion can evolve and become more sustainable. The sprayed-on dress was made without any seams or zippers, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. The material used was also eco-friendly, as it eliminated the need for fabric waste. Coperni's use of new technology and materials displayed how fashion can become more innovative and sustainable.

Similarly, Heliot Emil's recent runway show, featured a model on fire! This challenged traditional notions of what a fashion show should be. The use of fire in the Heliot Emil show is a clear example of experimental fashion. It creates an emotional and visceral evoking response from the audience, challenging boundaries of what is normally accepted in fashion design. The brand's willingness to take risks, demonstrates the potential for fashion to explore new frontiers, beyond just clothing and accessories.

Both Coperni and Heliot Emil are using experimental techniques to push the norm of traditional fashion concepts and create something new and exciting. Coperni's approach focuses on new materials and technology to create sustainable fashion, while Heliot Emil's approach is more focused on shock value and provocative imagery. However, both designers showcase the potential of fashion to challenge traditional notions and create something truly unique.

Experimental fashion is a powerful tool that more designers should incorporate versus the norm of what is expected. Coperni and Heliot Emil are two designers who have embraced this approach, showcasing how fashion can evolve. Their innovative runway shows have created a buzz in the fashion industry – Now time will tell if other designers will take a similar approach.