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Now available: Saks Enhanced Reporting Package

A joint-effort between SKYPAD and Saks, a range of best practice reports were created with a keen focus on retail business goals. 

Upon activation, you’ll get access to the four reports in your SKYPAD for SFA app: 

  1. Top 100 Bestsellers with Ecomm Images

    • Style selling that pulls in your Ecomm images that allows you to export in Excel

    • A best practice report built by the Saks team that shows style performance, receipt dates, sales & inventory, on order and sell-thru.

    • Use this report as a visual aid in market appointments

  2. Core vs Fashion Performance

    • Core

      • Outlines Core delivery performance by STD metrics (Core) vs. LY.

        • Allows visibility into productivity TY and LY (% to TTL).

      • Use this report to understand performance of your Core/Carryover as a reflection of your full price sell-thru - if your Core is performing better than LY then you’re building margin.

    • Fashion

      • Outlines Fashion delivery performance by LTD metrics TY vs. LY.

        • Allows visibility into productivity TY and LY.

      • Use this report to understand what Fashion deliveries have performed best over time. Go back into the archives and see if there are any fashion styles that can be transitioned to Core based on performance and sensibility.

  3. Location Productivity

    • Outline Class performance WTD and STD with % to TTL for Sales and Inventory

    • Use this report to understand what your most productive classes are and use that information to help frame go forward assortments.

      • This protection and expansion of better classes will likely create a better assortment for your overall business.

  4. Merchant Assorting Tool

    • Channel and Region breakouts help demonstrate productivity TY vs LY.

    • Understanding channel performance and penetration is key for go forward strategy.

      • Use this report to ensure your inventory is being maximized.

    • Comparisons to LY can help a brand understand if they should right size investment in a certain region and understand if an exited region is worth pursuing again.

NOTE: The Enhanced Reporting Package is only available as an add-on to the SKYPAD for SFA app.

If you are interested in adding this feautre to your app, please fill out the below form:

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