Business Intelligence Developer

Employer: Sky IT Group LLC

Worksite:  345 7th Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10001


  • Develop, maintain, and support business intelligence backend data, including data Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL), data warehousing, and data reporting
    • Involved in various stages of data processes like data collection, data transformation, data load, building and analyzing models and creating reports
    • Monitoring data flow through various stages using complex SQL queries and fixing any issues to ensure smooth operation of all processes
    • Investigating existing models, analyzing, determining opportunities and identifying solutions to increase efficiency and scalability
    • Performing validations and testing of new models to ensure accuracy and help reformulate as necessary
  • Collaborate with Business Development teams to gather business requirements, identify problems, design and ensure successful implementation of chosen solutions
    • Collaborate with Business teams to better understand the problem, gather necessary requirements to fulfill managements objectives
    • Study and analyze information obtained, prepare alternative courses of actions based on analysis and discuss with team to determine the model with best outcomes
    • Design and develop model in Data Migrator and provide documentation for other teams to understand the process
    • Implement the chosen model in production and help business team and clients with any additional information necessary
  • Collect & organize data from variety of sources of different formats and create parsers to extract required information from these unstructured and unformatted source files
    • Data required for analysis must be extracted from various kinds of source files like PDF, Excel, txt, EDI and portal scrape
    • Analyze the required metrics and identify different source file formats that need to be parsed
    • Build Parsers using Python which can handle unstructured and unformatted data and extract the required information from various source files taking advantage of PANDAS library
    • Create output reports with detailed summary for ensuring quality of the data using QlikView.
  • Build automation flows and dashboard templates for these multi-source client POS data in Data Migrator to transform and load operational data into different database tables and help reduce development time of new dashboards
    • Create flows in Data Migrator to transform the parsed data as per requirement and load it into database
    • Identify all the manual jobs necessary to load the data and create automation. Monitor and optimize automation where necessary before pushing it to production environment
    • Converting existing DB2 process into Vertica process to increase efficiency of data loads
    • Designed a tool using QlikView to provide visualization of daily data loads and key metrics.
  • Monitor and ensure data quality throughout the complex processes by performing root cause analysis and fixing any outstanding issues
    • Created automation for QA logic to validate data using Data Migrator, QlikView and Advanced Excel to reduce manual work and ensure data quality
    • Perform root cause analysis to test and production issues to identify breakdown, document incident and solutions
    • Make changes to code and test results in test environment to meet business requirements before implementing changes in production
    • Educate business team in using created models
  • Perform Analysis on customer’s data to provide data-driven and insightful recommendations, reports and dashboards to support decision making.
    • Perform different statistical tests on data to understand and analyze end user data
    • Create interactive Dashboards and Reports using QlikView with multiple widgets to present data and key performance metrics
    • Determine appropriate methods for analysis and approaches to solve the problem
    • Analyze and identify significant variables and their relationships, conduct research to gain more information about other processes and variables necessary for analysis
    • Analyzing results to identify problems and recommend practical solutions to optimize sales and increase profits
    • Determine requirements and formulate detailed project plans to implement chosen solution.
  • Create summary reports for Business management to help make their decisions
    • Create comprehensible management reports with analysis defining and evaluating problems and recommending solutions
    • Presenting the results of modelling and data analysis to Business team and customers to help them make key business decisions
    • Creating interactive dashboards and visual reports using QlikView for Business team and senior managers with key metrics to help them understand advantages of proposed solutions


  • Bachelor Degree is required in  Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Information Technology and Management

To Apply: Mail CV to Joseph Cassidy, Sky IT Group LLC, 345 7th Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10001