A Letter from Jay Hakami, President and CEO.

Sky IT Group was formed in November 2000. Our mission at the time was to solve complex business problems with a perfect combination of hardware, software and exceptional technical expertise. At that time, with such a small team in place, we put a strong emphasis on our staff - education, certifications, training, seminars, and customer service is what drives innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations.   

Over the decade that followed, although our team has grown and our business practices have evolved, our core values have not changed. Each Sky I.T. Group employee embodies superior professionalism, a thirst for knowledge and a passion for innovation. They are considered Sky I.T. Group’s biggest asset. 

The right tools, with the right talent, deliver the right solutions.  It’s that simple! Partnering with top technological innovators such as Micro Focus, Qlik, and Information Builders has set the standards to which our team architects, develops, and perfects, targeted solutions to solve the many business inefficiencies experienced in today’s market place. 

Our Micro Focus team delivers a comprehensive panel of I.T. management tools, services and educational solutions to hundreds of the fortune 2000 companies throughout the US. Understanding our customer's business, identifying the bottlenecks and deploying the right solutions result in increased efficiency and productivity.      

Our Apparel Business Intelligence team brings almost 175 years of retail and technology experience, providing complex data collection, hosting, reporting, business discovery and analytics solutions to the retail and wholesale industries.  Our Saas solution, SKYPAD, is the most widely adopted data-collection and reporting tool among business users within the most recognizable fashion brands across the globe.

We are extremely proud of our exceptional people, strategic partners, and innovative solutions, all of which contribute to the continued success and growth of our customer community.


"The right tools, with the right talent, deliver the right solutions.
Powered by technology, driven by experience."   

Jay Hakami
President and CEO