Quickly Automate Functional Testing
Improve Quality while Reducing Cost


Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing combines Micro Focus QuickTest Professional and Micro Focus Service Test to provide a complete end-to-end solution for quickly automating functional testing of transactions that span multiple application layers. This leap forward in testing modern applications allows you to test both GUI and non-GUI based services, and can dramatically improve development productivity and collaboration, cut the cost and complexity of testing, and help improve application quality. The graphical test flow view in Micro Focus UFT displays both API and GUI tests and provides a clear visual representation of the test flow, no matter how complicated.


  • Automate testing of multi-layer test applications
  • Test GUI and Non-GUI simultaneously
  • Simplify Regression Testing
  • Extend testing to non-developers
  • Produce automated tests quickly and easily
  • Quickly update scripts utilizing shared object repository and Maintenance run mode