Automate the collection of disparate vendor-selling data sources across multiple retailer Partners. 

Retail partners distribute product sales data in multiple formats and through multiple sources. The same retailer may send reports in EDI852, Excel, PDF, or provide a vendor portal for style-selling retrieval. The level of disparity and detail in the reports can vary widely: Do they provide only 'unit' detail? Do they include 'dollar' detail? What is the level of granularity? Will the data be provided at the door, department, or account level?  Such inconsistencies in data delivery and the metrics themselves impact how meaningful analysis can be conducted.

SKYSCRAPER gathers, integrates, and validates the data coming in from multiple formats and communication channels. A broad range of consistent selling metrics at the lowest granularity (UPC/Door) are assembled from differing reports to be used in a high-performance database or a business reporting and analysis application.


Retailer Partner Portals
Automated portal scrapes eliminate the time wasted on tedious portal surfing. With SKYSCRAPER, vendor portals are scraped to retrieve UPC/Door level metrics after you go to sleep on Sunday night. This means that come Monday, your style-selling data is scraped, validated, and readily avilable for serlf-serve analysis. Access your infomration in a timely manner, ages before the competition.
Merchant Spreadsheets
Merchandisers and planners now rely on retailer style-selling merchant reports (PDF/Excel) sent on a weekly basis. Managing so many inbound reports can be overwhelming yet crucial when it comes to analysis. SKYSCRPER identifies, by retailer, specific reports that provide vendors with the most detailed metrics, UPC and door. SKYSCRAPER collects, scrapes, and validates the data from each report, eliminateing all manual processes.
EDI852 & EDI856
Many retailers still provide EDI852 data transmissions to their vendors weekly. SKYSCRAPER has the ability to integrate EDI with merchant spreadsheets or portal data from a single retailer to ensure complete and consistent metrics including 'units' and 'dollars'. With strategic partnerships with OpenText, SKYSCRAPER collects your EDI data seamlessly with minimal setup requirements.
Integrate Internal Sources
Once all the style-selling data is collected, integrated and validated, it's time to correlate this information to your internal systems. SKYSCRAPER can collect and integrate product images, WIP, ATS, and more right out of your ERP System. We match internal and external data directly to your Item Master to ensure you are reporting and anlyzing using your own product attributes, not strictly the retailers'.
Extract, Integrate, Analyze
We understand that the data we collect with SKYSCRAPER is valuable to your organization as a whole. That is why we include the option to provide a total data extract in Excel or .CSV to drive other internal business intelligence solutions such as forecasting, planning and data warehousing.