Relieve the buying office of manual vendor-selling report distribution and support responsibilities.

Retail success is in part measured by the Merchant's ability to identify sales opportunities, optimize inventory and reduce costs.  In today's retail environment, Merchants spend too much time and effort generating vendor selling reports and fielding follow-up correspondence.

Sky I.T. Group offers Retailers a service to outsource vendor-selling data distribution and subsequent support, equipping suppliers with the industry leading web-based Sell-Through reporting suite called SKYPAD.

Available as early as 9:00am Monday, SKYPAD will publish a complete set of UPC/Door level sales and inventory metrics for complete supplier-self-serve reporting and analysis experience: Interactive charts/graphs/maps, deep-drill-down capabilities, export to excel, book-mark, user-collaboration, ad-hoc report generator, and much more.

Furthermore, subscribers are backed by SKYPAD Sell-Through Specialists who are ready to field questions and suggest best practice guidelines for maximum user-efficiency.

Retailers can immediately reduce costs by retiring legacy reporting processes, gain back valuable time by eliminating supplier inquiry, and improve inventory performance by collaborating with much more informed suppliers on a robust set of consistent information.

Streamline Supplier Reporting:

  • Eliminate need for a supplier portal
  • Discontinue report distribution from buying office
  • Reduce time spent fielding questions from suppliers
  • Ensure consistent reporting across all suppliers
  • No cost to you and affordable for all suppliers


Improve Supplier Performance:

  • Ensure Suppliers are using data effectively
  • Reduce stock outs
  • Reallocate slow moving products
  • Receive localized product assortments
  • Ensure success of promotional efforts
  • Gain fact-based marketplace insights
  • Improved productivity of supplier meetings


The process is simple:

Our sell-through reporting specialists work with your buying office, to design a data set in which to distribute to suppliers. Our specialists currently support sell-through reporting initiatives for many of the largest brands in fashion from around the globe. This knowledge enables our team to suggest best practices on key-metric for distribution to ensure optimal performance for both Retailer and Supplier. 

Once the data set is determined, our technical experts work with your team through data cleansing, validation, and to setup data-transfer automation. 

From that point forward our sell-through reporting specialists manage the entire process, distributing cleansed data through our proven SKYPAD web-platform where suppliers can access dashboards, and advanced analytical views - all backed by our customer service team, eager to field user questions, share best practices, and train teams on the power of sell-through reporting at retail.

SKYPAD is no stranger to the industry!

Leading brands within the Retail/Wholesale industry currently rely on the support and style selling collection expertise of Sky I.T. Group, to report sell-through across their retail partners.

Provide you vendors with a 'single version of the truth', on a proven platform, backed by a team of specialists.

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