Strengthen collaboration between retailer merchant Teams and their brands with better insights and faster execution.

Relieve the buying office of manual vendor-selling report distribution and support responsibilities.

Retail success is in part measured by the Merchant's ability to identify sales opportunities, optimize inventory and reduce costs.  In today's retail environment, Merchants spend too much time and effort generating vendor selling reports and fielding follow-up correspondence.

SKYPAD, an interactive self-serve web-application designed by Sky I.T. Group, efficiently distributes weekly Sales and Inventory performance, by brand, so retailer merchants don’t have to!

Brands gain access to a self-serve reporting experience inclusive of Interactive charts/graphs/maps and ad-hoc reporting. Brands are backed by SKYPAD Sell-Through Support Specialists who are ready to field questions and suggest best practice guidelines for maximum user-efficiency.

Retailers, gain back valuable time by eliminating brand inquiries, and instantly improve inventory performance by collaborating with much more informed suppliers on a robust set of consistent information.

Our industry structure and dynamics continue to change at an accelerating pace. We believe strongly that with the use of tools like SKYPAD we can enable greater collaboration between our teams and our brands, with better insights and faster execution.
— Nathan Johnson, Senior Vice President, Merchandise Planning, Neiman Marcus Group


Save Time and Money

Eliminate the need for a supplier portal

Discontinue report distribution from buying office

Reduce time spent fielding questions from suppliers

Ensure consistent reporting across all suppliers

No cost to you and affordable for all suppliers

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Improve Productivity

Ensure Suppliers are using data effectively

Reduce stock outs

Reallocate slow moving products

Receive localized product assortments

Ensure success of promotional efforts

SKYPAD is no stranger to the industry!

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