Send your merchants reorders they can’t refuse!

Generate targeted, buyer-friendly PDF-line sheets, with images, to encourage in-season reorder opportunities.

Many wholesale teams manually compare warehouse inventory reports against retailer sell-through performance, a tedious and challenging task to say the least, especially when required to organize and consolidate selling reports from so many disparate data sources across many retailer partners.

SKYPAD optimizes this process by integrating an “Available-to-Sell’ and “On-Order” data feed directly from your ERP system into the SKYPAD sell-through reporting platform.

Now users have access to UPC/door level sell through information alongside their warehouse information and can efficiently suggest targeted reorder opportunities directly to their merchants down to the style/color/size/door level!

reorder graphic.jpg



Pinpoint in-season reorder and basic fill-in opportunities with customizable, dynamic metric filtering.

Utilize size-level granularity and geographic attribution to determine the most economically viable warehouse inventory.

Integrate multiple Warehouse Locations.

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