We are a society of FAST, and when it comes to modern application delivery, speed matters.  HPE Application Lifecycle Management allows you to deliver high quality apps with speed - 'High Quality' being the operative words there - across the entire software development life cycle.

Application teams are pushed for speed to deliver applications to an ever impatient and empowered business user while maintaining and modernizing existing applications.  Yet while speed is important, quality is what will impact the bottom line. 

You don't have to sacrifice quality or performance for velocity!

HP ALM is the software solution that is designed to allow limited resources focus on the highest priority items and deliver applications with unprecedented velocity.

  • Plan and track projects, releases, and cycles
  • Define, manage and trace requirements, tests, defects
  • Reuse and share assets
  • Manage code and build management system tasks
  • Allow testing teams to provision and deploy test labs
  • Enforce standardization for consistency and quality

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