UFT, How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways.  OK, maybe not quite, but let’s give a great tool its due! HP recognized that modern applications are complex entities with various layers, components and services that touch on both the GUI and the non-GUI layers.  With this multitude of layers, components and services came a multitude of testing and reporting problems.  HP’s Unified Functional Testing allows us to test across all of these layers of an application and provide clear and concise integrated reporting of both the GUI and non-GUI layers.

HP’s Unified Functional Testing is designed to make automation easier, less technical and faster

  • What’s not to like about the use of Keywords, drag & drop technology, shortcuts, sharing and reuse? Can’t think of a thing!
  • How about the ability to work with multiple documents stored in the same solution? Sounds great!
  • What about test automation for Mobile apps? Yes, Yes, Yes!
  • And let’s not forget Object Identification through properties, methods AND images?  You bet!
  • And then there's GUI and API Testing in one tool? Yes, you heard us right!
  • And how about Mobile Testing, Cross-browser testing and Business Process Testing also? Everything a tester could need!

As you can see we’re pretty excited about UFT, and we think you will be also!  We can’t wait to show you all of these great features and more.  Let’s set up a time to talk!

Please give us a call at (866) SKY- 3500 or drop us an e-mail at hpsg@skyitgroup.com

In the meantime, download this UFT Data Sheet to learn more about these great features.

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