Reduce Cost with Mobile Application Development
and Accelerate Time to Market


Sky IT Group is leading the way for Mobile Application Testing.  We are using our years of experience helping companies solve their testing challenges by utilizing  the most up-to-date Mobile Testing Tools and setting the new standard as the Premier web and mobile testing provider.

  • Are Your Applications Functional?
  • Do Your Applications Perform?
  • Are Your Applications Secure?
  • How Well Do Your Applications Perform in Production?

We know the importance of testing right!

We understand that when you are testing mobile applications that quality assurance that your mobile and web applications function correctly is paramount to your success. We know the benefit of scaling to the desired number of users.  We know that application security should be a top priority in testing. We also know that monitoring your applications in real time will give you valuable information that may affect the delivery of services.

How can we help you?

Sky IT Group is a premier provider of cloud and on premise solutions and services that help solve their most complicated needs. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, we will work with you to create your Mobile and Legacy Testing Center of Excellence.
Let us know how we can help you with your Mobile Application Testing needs!