Understanding the Importance of Healthcare Application Software Testing


Healthcare organizations implementing and utilizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) have an obligation to understand, assess and manage the risks related to these systems.  Healthcare Software Application failure could adversely affect patient care, patient safety, breach patient confidentiality as well as severely impact day to day business processes. As organizations reach the more mature stages of EMR/EHR adoption, that require all medical procedures to be entered electronically, optimal performance is critical to these systems.

Test Early, Test Often

Healthcare software and the adoption of EMR/EHR has the potential to increase the quality, accessibility, and overall experience of healthcare.  Software testing of your healthcare software can help to ensure that the quality, security and overall function of your  organizations applications meet the needs and demands of your business. Although healthcare software vendors do test their individual products, it is end-to-end testing within your environment that will identify load, performance, security and compatibility issues.

With the Right Testing Strategy in Place, Downtime can be Minimized
and Legal Ramifications & Revenue Loss can be Avoided.

Sky IT Group's extensive experience in application testing, as well as our work with other healthcare organizations, allows us to create unique and effective end-to-end testing strategies tailored to each individual clients needs.

Understanding Healthcare Application Testing

We feel that a comprehensive strategiy is required around Healthcare Software Application testing to ensure success.  We offer a suite of manual and automated solutions for our clients to consider.

  • QUALITY - Improve application quality with detailed traceability of requirements, tests and defects
  • FUNCTIONAL - Validate multi-layer test scenarios and seamlessly execute regression testing for software updates
  • SECURITY- Identify and remove security vulnerabilities
  • LOAD & PERFORMANCE - Identify and reduce end-user, system-level and code-level performance bottlenecks and accurately predict application scalability and capacity
  • MOBILITY - Optimize mobile application quality with functional, regression and performance testing

How We Can Help You

Sky IT Group offers Healthcare Application software testing services and solutions around QA testing, Load & Performance testing, Security testing, Functional testing and Mobility testing to meet your needs.  We offer a full line of managed services and can do all of the testing for you, or if you prefer to do the testing yourself, we can provide you with the right on premise solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with your Healthcare Application Software Testing needs.