Join Sky IT Group & Skytap for an informative webinar, on how to Remove the constraints slowing down Dev/Test environments.

Speakers: Tony Perez from Skytap & Lydia Casillas from Sky I.T. Group

In the competitive world of today, companies see software as the key to staying ahead. As a result, development and test teams are pushed to move faster than ever before.

Development and test teams are pushed to achieve faster software delivery, higher quality and better alignment with business users. However, there are inefficiencies in software development that cause defects and delay releases. The most common being:

    • There are not enough test environments available when needed

    • It takes too long for developers to reproduce defects before resolving them

    • Test environments are not equivalent to production

      Skytap and Sky I.T. Group will share tips and advanced technology for how to build better software faster using cloud-based dev/test environments.

      Specifically you will learn how to:

    • Remove inefficiencies from your SDLC & release applications faster.

    • Free QA teams from the burden of environment maintenance, enabling broader test coverage and higher quality applications.

    • Develop and test in production equivalent environments to catch defects before they are found in production.

Empower teams to develop and test faster with self-service access, while providing IT with usage policies and controls required to control environment sprawl and cost overruns.

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