Employee Spotlight - Anna Rodriguez


Employee Spotlight - Anna Rodriguez


1.     What are your responsibilities as Director of Research and Development?

The Majority of my responsibilities revolve around providing technical road-map for Sky I.T. projects implementations, researching and testing new products or technologies and improving existing products. I also review business specifications, design and oversee architecture of systems and processes designed for deployment of our web-based SKYPAD application to our Fashion Luxury clients.

2.    What is a typical work day like for you at SKYPAD?

I must start my day with coffee! The typical day might differ from me being totally absorbed in working on a new code to me being totally absorbed in daily meetings where we brainstorm ideas of new products and process improvements. It is never a dull day.

3.     Before working at SKYPAD, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I think my first job was the most unusual or interesting. My first real job was working as administrative secretary for a print buying company. I learned that there are magazines printed for almost every subject imaginable.

4.     What do you find the most challenging at SKYPAD?

The challenge is the best part. It's the business we are in. Managing multiple projects across multiple clients, with very tight deadlines, is definitely challenging, but also character building. The solution for managing work effectively, in my opinion, is implementing standards and ensuring that all processes conform to these standards. Sometimes I have to be the bad cop.

5.     How has SKYPAD helped you in your career development?

At SKYPAD, I was provided with opportunity of learning new technologies in business intelligence, data warehouse and project management. I was also given a chance to develop managerial skill and grow expertise in providing technical consulting.

Like a boss

6.     What has been your favorite project at SKYPAD?

I like to be challenged. Working with so many different brands, with different needs, brings a level of excitement to each project, especially when the designed solution is portable and could be applied across multiple clients. One of my favorite projects would be the development of a mapping application we call ‘SkyAlign’. This application helps our customers to map style/color/size records reported in Style Selling Reports received weekly from their retailer partner merchants yet are not present in their own Item master. For instance, a retailer might be reporting activity on color ‘Red’, but client’s Item master refers to this color as ‘Cherry’. This misalignment can cause serious misconceptions on sales performance.

7.     What is one thing that you wish you had known when you were starting out your career?

Networking is really helpful, not only when searching for a job but as a way to enrich oneself with diverse knowledge.


8.     Quote to live by:

 ‘Don’t tell me why something could not be done; tell me how you did it!’ I heard these words in a meeting at my first job and they really stuck with me all these years. There is a ring of truth to this – we just can’t simply quit when faced with obstacles.

9.     What books are at your bedside?

My literature taste has been changing over the years. While science fiction dominated my adolescence, now I read more of historical novels – I read all of Philippa Gregory books after reading her bestseller ‘The Other Boleyn Girl”. I also like Mitch Albom books full of philosophical wisdom. For long trips, I make sure to have James Patterson novels.

10.     What is a fun fact about you?

I like taking road trips. Sometimes, I set up the GPS to use a route ‘less travelled’. Though I do like to plan ahead and know where I am going, I do make a spontaneous turn to see what is hidden behind that curve.

road less traveled